head full of sky
My name is Milena and I'm located in Croatia.
You contact me at head.full.of.sky.blog [at] gmail.com.

>> Since 2009 I've been photographing with a Canon 350D, before that I used my sister's point-and-shoot (Sony DSC T10) and occasionally my phone camera. Recently I bought a Fuji Finepix XP30, a waterproof compact camera that I've been having tons of fun with taking photos underwater, despite a very obvious lack of any coral reefs or sunken ships in the sea around here. But still, taking photos underwater is immensely fun, so expect to see some of them on the blog.

>> This blog is very much an amateur blog, I don't pretend to be particularly good nor do I strive towards some great artistry; photography is just a hobby for me and I do it because I find it fun and relaxing. Unfortunately, I have rather neglected it in the past few years, as other life- and work-related stuff intervened. (I keep hoping that will change.)

>> Thank you for visiting my blog and for any comment or criticism you make, I appreciate it.