April 27, 2007

first breath after coma

head full of sky

Another diptych today, because I like them a lot: a picture tells a story, but two pictures tell a story with more details. Sort of, I don't know, maybe they actually tell a completely different story. It's open to interpretation.
Anyway, I'd like to thank everyone for visiting, commenting and/or voting for this blog at photoblogs.org and coolphotoblogs.com, I appreciate it, thank you. Over the past few days I've received quite a few comments and have been on top of the hot photoblogs list and that makes me feel a bit nervous because I feel under pressure not to disappoint you with boring or lousy photos, but also very flattered at all this attention. I hope you like today's photo. :)


Jesus [ 27/04/2007, 12:12 ]

Nice 2 in 1 composite. I like the combination.

nicolas [ 27/04/2007, 12:39 ]

Great one !

kurt [ 27/04/2007, 13:00 ]

excellent combination of the two shots!

elaine [ 27/04/2007, 13:13 ]

this is a cool diptic! no wories ;)

Anonymous [ 27/04/2007, 15:33 ]

cool pic there.. if you don mind, may i ask how did u get the template set up for photoblog in blogger? Did u design this yourself? I am a little lost cos all the dfault template have none which look like this. I google for photoblog template and i still can't find any template which allows me to display only one post. Do u mind telling me how is this done?

anton [ 27/04/2007, 17:30 ]

Great sky. Love the isolation of the seagull.

Kheoh Yee Wei [ 27/04/2007, 18:57 ]

hah! Brilliant execution here,I love it ^^

braesikalla [ 27/04/2007, 20:02 ]

These two pictures fit together like a pair of socks!
Well done!

puntina [ 27/04/2007, 21:53 ]

Thank you, everyone :)

@ anonymous: there is no template for photoblog in blogger. I just display only one post on the blog and put a link to previous post every time I publish a new one.
The templates in blogger beta have the "older/newer posts" option that you can use.

Jeff Ambrose [ 28/04/2007, 00:45 ]

I agree I like the different story a diptych tells as opposed to just a single image. Nice work.

amanda [ 28/04/2007, 04:06 ]

this is gorgeous!
love the tones against the bird.

im up there at the moment too, so i know how you feel.
i fluctuate in and out of there but for some reason im up the top again at the moment.
its weird how it changes.

T.S [ 28/04/2007, 05:57 ]

Nice photo...I like the blue sky!

Regis [ 28/04/2007, 09:25 ]

Lovely tones !

Remus [ 29/04/2007, 16:36 ]

What amazing colors!
Peaceful shot!
Good one.

gild [ 02/05/2007, 11:52 ]

Brilliant composition.

There is a poetic atmosphere on all your pictures, it's great!

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