April 25, 2007

Palamida & Ante

head full of sky

Palamida is the bigger boat, Ante is the name of the small one tied to it. I'm rather fond of boats (although riding in one gives me motion sickness, unfortunately).


ed [ 25/04/2007 13:51 ]

I just love your use of color. You consistently capture that slightly muted, restrained palette that makes me feel like I'm looking at old Kodachromes from the 1950s. It's like a slightly faded memory. Very unique quality.

nivek2002 [ 25/04/2007 17:40 ]

What ed said! Beautiful image, all your ocean/boat ones are!

Marianne [ 25/04/2007 22:04 ]

Ahhh, makes me think of holiday. Nice shot!

Leigh [ 25/04/2007 22:09 ]

Gentle and beautiful. I love boats, too! Thanks for stopping by my photoblog :-)

Heath [ 26/04/2007 12:48 ]

I usually love highly saturated shots, but the muted tones in this are fantastic.

Ian [ 28/04/2007 09:08 ]

The soft tones in this are fantastic.. Great shot!

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