May 16, 2007

basket case

head full of sky

I don't know why this turned out to be so blurry, I didn't think it would be when I snapped the shot. But such is life with a compact camera - it does things it wants, not what you want. I adjusted the contrast, and added some grain and vignetting to make it look not so flat - I quite like it now. It's odd and it makes me dizzy.


.:CushmoK:. [ 16/05/2007, 18:02 ]

very evocative...i like the grain of this post.

kairospix [ 16/05/2007, 18:10 ]

i like this shot!
very grainy!
very nicely blurred!
very nice composition!
well done!

ed [ 16/05/2007, 19:16 ]

such a great mood to this shot. Again, like much of your work, this exists out of the context of time. Like a fond memory of a time gone by.

K.Muncie [ 17/05/2007, 00:22 ]

Very interesting shot, unusual framing and the movement make this a very compelling image!

Florian [ 17/05/2007, 00:55 ]

Great compo and grainy processing. I like this photography which evocate me a story.

enig [ 17/05/2007, 06:02 ]

it looks like a still from a film, great narrative shot

Jeff Ambrose [ 18/05/2007, 03:52 ]

This one has a great graphic quality to it.

Lisa [ 19/05/2007, 00:31 ]

This is very cool! It has a timeless, mysterious quality, really very good.

Pierre [ 19/05/2007, 17:14 ]

Beautifully athmosphere. Its remember me Jacques Tati in the movie "Jour de fĂȘte".
The grain is perfect.

thomas mueller [ 19/05/2007, 18:08 ]

breathtaking. i like the unsharpness and the grain. wow, a relly beautiful bw image!

Jesus [ 21/05/2007, 11:44 ]

NIce spontanous shot, i like this kind of images, the bw, the blur, the big grain is very fine.

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