May 12, 2007

dead flag blues

head full of sky


kairospix [ 12/05/2007, 19:34 ]

this is a very well composed shot! it has a holga/lomo feel to it!
do you have a holga/lomo?

.:CushmoK:. [ 12/05/2007, 20:03 ]

beautiful shiny light for this very well composed shot...

thomas mueller [ 12/05/2007, 22:05 ]

a classic hpototourism shot, but i like it very much!
cool summertones.

L.Reis [ 12/05/2007, 22:08 ]

Fantastic tones of blue. Like that red "intruder" on the flag. Good composition too.

Milena [ 13/05/2007, 00:25 ]

Thank you everyone :)

Kairospix: I don't have a Holga or a Lomo, all photos here are digital.

kaveh [ 13/05/2007, 08:12 ]

timely capture!! love blue tones in this shot! Great shot.

Remus [ 13/05/2007, 16:40 ]

Marvellous shot! Many people would have justed walked by without even recognizing this colourful detail on their way!

Florian [ 13/05/2007, 22:53 ]

beautiful light, quiet, zen... a little bit of softness in our brutal world.

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