May 08, 2007

morning activities: washing the boat

head full of sky

I decided to try to photograph people more, but I'm very awkward with a camera on the street - I snap a shot while I'm walking by, trying not to let on that I'm photographing at all. Which means they're hardly great photos (or maybe not interesting at all, who knows), but you get to see some people from around here (which is what this blog's been lacking a bit, I think).


thomas mueller [ 08/05/2007, 11:21 ]

cool shot.

Heath [ 08/05/2007, 11:54 ]

Love the classic, kodachrome feel to this shot. Nice work.

elaine [ 08/05/2007, 12:11 ]

looks like he s shooting the boat! cool processing

Kheoh Yee Wei [ 08/05/2007, 18:23 ]

Nice action shot! Very good picture,original !

Ashish Sidapara [ 09/05/2007, 00:58 ]

Agree with Heath, this one somehow has a classic feel, well done!

shooter [ 10/05/2007, 23:30 ]

Love the composition, and the PP...

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