May 05, 2007

window panes

head full of sky

Thank you everyone for all the comments on the previous entry. The hot and sunny day when that picture was taken was followed by rain yesterday, and it hasn't stopped raining yet, so no bright and warm image today. Instead you get a window of an abandoned building (I think it used to be a factory, but I'm not sure). Here is an alternate version in which you can see part of the fence that encloses the building, but I think this one with just the window is better. Let me know what you think.


Robert [ 05/05/2007, 01:46 ]

I have no idea what I am looking at, but it's pretty cool. I lvoe the textures.

io [ 05/05/2007, 04:24 ]

milena, thanks for a kind comment. I've always seen your images, and the colors in your pics knock me down all the time.

thanks again.

lasiate [ 05/05/2007, 05:30 ]

belle oeuvre abstraite post-moderne

enig [ 05/05/2007, 06:57 ]

great colour and texture milena

riesenriel [ 05/05/2007, 08:02 ]

You have a good eye for detail, this is very well framed with interesting textures.

gild [ 05/05/2007, 10:54 ]

very good textures and tones.

Marianne [ 05/05/2007, 12:56 ]

This one with just the window is definitely the best! Very cool. Like the blue tones.

Bruno [ 05/05/2007, 12:57 ]

imas preljepe slike. ja obozavam kada su slike spontane i kada opisuju misle jedne osobe. sto me intresuje je osjecaj za estetiku,a ja vidim da ti to imas. opet: preljepe slike!

Claude [ 05/05/2007, 15:23 ]

Excellent textures and colours. Very nice abstract shot!

elaine [ 05/05/2007, 15:52 ]

oh this is a brilliant graphic shot! love everything about it great one

Sarto [ 05/05/2007, 17:21 ]

Nice colors!
Good picture!

kairospix [ 05/05/2007, 19:07 ]

wonderful artsy shot! i like it!

Remus [ 06/05/2007, 14:09 ]

The textures and the light are truly amazing!

Braesikalla [ 06/05/2007, 17:21 ]

I love the symmetry and desaturated look of this one!

anda [ 07/05/2007, 09:52 ]

the post processing is perfect with this shot

Jeff Ambrose [ 07/05/2007, 21:22 ]

Definitely some character in these window panes, I like that.

Pavel [ 08/05/2007, 01:50 ]

Wow! I don't know where you found this beauty, but it is going on my favorites page!
Congratulations, and welcome.

Michael [ 11/05/2007, 22:45 ]

Great graphic image. I really do like the processing here, the textures and colours are superb. Nicely done.

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