June 03, 2007


head full of sky


enig [ 03/06/2007, 14:00 ]

I really like the way you compose your shots and the balance in them, this one like the previous one works for similar reasons.

Florian [ 03/06/2007, 15:40 ]

A good framing here and always you processing which transport me back in time. Great.

zora [ 03/06/2007, 21:31 ]

I need some lounge music with this ;-)

Jeff Ambrose [ 04/06/2007, 03:03 ]

Wonderfully relaxing, wish I could be there.

Kris [PiXistenZ] [ 04/06/2007, 10:12 ]

can't get enough of this retro look.. fantastic composition too!

thomas mueller [ 04/06/2007, 11:16 ]

hmmmmm summer.......
i can feel the sun and the wind blowing, for sure. again a beautiful processing.

Matthias [ 05/06/2007, 13:55 ]

i looks very good. But without the green pillars and the hook (or what it looks like) i would be look two steps better i think. But it's also very nice ;-)

Andrew [ 06/06/2007, 21:45 ]

great processing, i think this is your best shot of the umbrella out of the other 3. makes me wish I was relaxing on a beach somewhere...

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