July 28, 2007

what, up?

head full of sky


Pooriya [ 28/07/2007, 09:38 ]

Nice composition and lighting.
I like the cloud, cables and color of this shot.

Kris [PiXistenZ] [ 28/07/2007, 13:23 ]

excellent minimalistic shot.. i like it!

BobC [ 28/07/2007, 21:17 ]

Smashing composition and that cross processed look is great. What processing do you do to achieve that?

oneseason.de [ 28/07/2007, 23:04 ]

Beautiful photo, I like the perspective and the colours.

Florian [ 29/07/2007, 16:02 ]

Simply, lightly but graphic, and really good processed and composed.

I like the cloud on this pilar, like this one make some steam.

enig [ 29/07/2007, 16:45 ]

this is a lovely composition which gives so much from such few elements

claude [ 31/07/2007, 23:03 ]

Simple but effective! Very nice shot!

Thomas Solberg [ 02/08/2007, 13:53 ]

I really like this one! Very cool angle.

hat full of sky [ 04/08/2007, 12:39 ]

Thank you all for your comments :)

@ BobC: I don't have a particular technique, really. I use curves adjustment layers (usually at least two): I do an inverted S curve on the blue channel and experiment with the red and green channel, see where it takes me. Sometimes I also add other adjustment layers - it's basically just a lot of tinkering about. :)

kaveh [ 05/08/2007, 15:34 ]

This is awesome. Tilting the camera really makes this shot beautiful!!

riesenriel [ 07/08/2007, 16:51 ]

Cool shot with this angle!

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