January 23, 2009

it was a dark and snowy night...

head full of sky


Thomas René Sidor [ 25/01/2009, 19:18 ]

How good to see your photoblog online and active again! I'm looking forward to see your posts.

This one is excellent. The wires really leads you into the photo.

Justin Blanton [ 15/02/2009, 22:56 ]

Interesting shot.

Nathan [ 17/02/2009, 00:24 ]

Wow, I like that! The snow.

Arman Noroozian [ 11/03/2009, 17:09 ]

Great Shot. I love the bluriness of the snow and the big white spots. The position of the bright light is perfect.
I looks as though the light is the source of all the little spots. "The Big Bang" comes naturally to my head.

Walter Neiger [ 12/03/2009, 20:09 ]

great ... the sky full of stars ... Milky Way :)

uglyorgan [ 16/03/2009, 15:52 ]

stars and lines! i like this..the lines..the bursting light, and the snows!

Mitsu [ 11/04/2010, 23:55 ]

Love the spiderweb effect of the wires protruding from the pole.

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