February 16, 2009

nada dimić

head full of sky

This is an old textile factory, called "Nada Dimić". It is located in the centre of Zagreb, but has long been unused and is quite ruinous. There are many similar ruinous locations in the city, quite a few of them in the city centre. Because the retail stores have largely moved to shopping centers and malls, many of the streets that used to be popular shopping areas are no longer popular. And those areas that weren't all that popular to begin with, now frequently feature closed stores, empty buildings or empty plots of lands enclosed with high fences covered in billboards (one such plot of land used to be this park - it was hidden behind a fence of billboards for a long time, but was finally turned into a park a couple of years ago). I guess these neighbourhoods are not profitable - because the land and buildings are located in the centre of the city they're probably expensive to rent or buy, while at the same time being less attractive to invest in than in building a new shopping centre, for example. Therefore there are many areas in the city centre that are abandoned and empty and, I suspect, will stay that way.

The factory pictured above is actually from the 19th century and as such was pronounced a monument of culture. There were plans to turn the area into a shopping centre, but part of the factory collapsed during the digging for a planned subterranean parking garage so the works were abandoned, over a year ago. So the factory still stands empty.

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Anonymous [ 16/02/2009, 15:19 ]

The B/W is well done, I also like the vignette. The problem that you have stated occured after the Reunification in Eastern Germany as well. Lots of shops and malls were built, following the greenfield strategy (outside the city center). The old stores in the shopping streets had a hard time competing with this situation. After a couple of years (10++) the town planners realized, that the city center was dying and tried to take countermeasures to overcome that (wrong) development. In my opinion, the city center should maintain popularity and cultural life by providing a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants.

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