March 09, 2009

at sunset

head full of sky

The metal construction on the left is suppose to be a lifeguard tower, only it seems to be missing some parts... You can see here what those towers usually look like, and the image here shows that same tower during the summer - clothed in a beer ad. I presume this one will look something similar when the summer comes and tourists start pouring into town...


Benjamin Gustafsson [ 09/03/2009, 05:22 ]

I love this picture! The atmosphere is gorgeous! Great work! p.s. How did you get your blogspot to look so good? Do you know HTML?

M [ 09/03/2009, 06:50 ]

I know a little HTML, yes, and not much CSS - just enough to be able to manipulate a template into something as simple as this. :)

uglyorgan [ 04/04/2009, 18:11 ]

nice photo.

yes..i like your blogspot..very simple, very nice and expressive. i need to learn how to do this soon for my blogspot site. searching around the web to learn :)

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