March 11, 2009

self portrait

head full of sky


Tim [ 11/03/2009, 14:22 ]

This is soooo gorgeous !!!!

Great work you are posting lately. Keep up the good work !!

Mario [ 11/03/2009, 14:51 ]

This is a very beautiful image. The way you did it, with these gorgeous colors and the narrow dept of field, makes me feel as if I was sitting behind you, lost in my thoughts, enjoying the fresh breeze... I really love this and your preceding shots as well. I love your style.

Anonymous [ 11/03/2009, 18:20 ]

Absolutely brilliant work. Creative and stylish, I would never have thought of such a great shot. First class

Sehraeuber [ 12/03/2009, 20:20 ]

an extraordinary self ...

Anonymous [ 18/03/2009, 11:38 ]

Wow, the colors!

uglyorgan [ 04/04/2009, 18:10 ]

outstanding photo! very nice feel!

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