March 16, 2009

the creeper

head full of sky


Anonymous [ 16/03/2009, 05:43 ]

Very nice processing here, i like the aged look to this photo.

Anonymous [ 16/03/2009, 07:53 ]

I agree with 'Brain Chen', the processing really does the job here! Well done!

katieleigh [ 16/03/2009, 23:35 ]

Mmm this is rather intricate and delicate, it feels as though the vines are clinging to the warmth of the tree. Do you use a macro lens?

M [ 17/03/2009, 00:47 ]

Thanks for your comments everyone.
@Katieleigh: I don't have a macro lens, unfortunately. This was shot with the kit lens (18-55 mm) that came with my Canon 350D.

marietom [ 18/03/2009, 22:17 ]

magnifique, ces textures. C'est très bien vu.

Remus [ 08/04/2009, 22:10 ]

Great colors and textures.
Beautiful effect and great use of the light.

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