March 21, 2009

movable, but not going anywhere

head full of sky


Anonymous [ 21/03/2009, 19:17 ]

Intresting capture ... well done!

Benjamin Gustafsson [ 21/03/2009, 21:07 ]

I love the blending of the warm and cold colors. Also the perspective is fascinating with the water and mountains in the background.

Anonymous [ 21/03/2009, 21:43 ]

Such a fine composition, brilliantly observed

Anonymous [ 22/03/2009, 00:29 ]

Lovely composed and framed! Bravo!

moniker miller [ 22/03/2009, 07:49 ]

hi there! i've been looking at your blog for a while and i think it's really great! do you think you could check out mine? it's new, but give it a few days and it'll be more fleshed out. thanks!

Anonymous [ 22/03/2009, 08:55 ]

Hello, I appreciate my visit on your photoblog discovered on 2009 photoblog award. I enjoy the angle you took this photo and the processing. So I voted for you. thanks for your beautiful photos.

Anonymous [ 25/03/2009, 05:08 ]

Lovely thick shadows that fit the image. Well done

Vinay Bale [ 31/03/2009, 06:53 ]

amazing caption....great proximity n angle

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