April 17, 2009

we were here yesterday

head full of sky


katieleigh [ 17/04/2009, 03:31 ]

I got a little flutter in my stomach when I saw you had a new post haha, sad much? Love the processing, so close to polaroid pictures but the quality is obviously much much better. Good shots, nice looking spot.

katieleigh [ 17/04/2009, 05:07 ]

Thanks for responding, I don't mind that it took a while :) Glad to have some new pictures to look at. I don't use film at all, my mum has an old nikon slr, maybe I should try. I would want to process it myself though and don't have a dark room. When I did photography in my final years at school I loved the dark room. My mum always talked about how she would set up a small one in our shed but it didn't happen.

Do you work with film? I would be interesting in doing a short course in photography as well, I want to learn more about my camera and its abilities. I shoot in manual mode but I just know that if I push the buttons a certain way it will make it lighter or darker but I'm not too sure why.

How old are you? (If you don't mind me asking)

SePp [ 28/04/2009, 11:00 ]

very nice shoot. Like the processing and the interisting colours. Greets from Trier.

katieleigh [ 04/05/2009, 06:36 ]

I'm patiently awaiting your next installment, I hope whatever it is you're doing is worth keeping me hanging. Haha


Amit Basu [ 05/05/2009, 21:21 ]

Nice! such peace!

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