January 16, 2011


head full of sky

This one's a few months old, but I forgot to post it at the time. I came across it again today while rearranging files on my computer, so I decided to post it, because I quite like the simplicity and minimalism (even though I've posted something similar here).


Olivier Jules [ 16/01/2011, 13:48 ]

very nice capture

katieleigh [ 18/01/2011, 10:33 ]

ah, such perfection

tommms [ 25/03/2011, 04:25 ]

great shot, im really impressed with your photos, keep it up.

(you have my vote on coolphotoblogs too)

Anonymous [ 10/05/2011, 22:34 ]

wow, this is such a perfect composition! well done!

Max [ 10/10/2011, 21:05 ]

Yes, I'm in love with this picture!

Dustin Hill [ 04/11/2011, 03:52 ]


I wanted to let you know I've featured your photo on my blog, PhotoPeka.com.

It will be uploaded on Nov. 4th.
Great work and keep inspiring!!


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