January 20, 2011

playing hide and seek

head full of sky


richan [ 20/01/2011, 12:07 ]

ajme je li to tvoj micek? Cjuuuut. Na ovoj slici bi mogla zaraditi masu para.... XD

Milena [ 20/01/2011, 12:17 ]

Jes, to je Ogi :)

Krunal [ 20/01/2011, 17:58 ]

lovely shot, love your template...tried to use it but...maybe i am not that good with HTMLs

Milena [ 20/01/2011, 18:45 ]

I'm sorry to hear that, Krunal. You don't really need to know HTML to customize it, just go to Design->Edit HTML to upload it, and then to Design->Page Elements to add your own links and stuff. Although, that template is a bit different than the one I have now, I have changed it in the mean time...

Olivier Jules [ 21/01/2011, 00:35 ]

cute picture!!!

katieleigh [ 24/01/2011, 13:14 ]

*heart melts*

Anonymous [ 10/05/2011, 22:32 ]

Awww!! so cute. what a great photograph!

Ayush Basu [ 01/10/2011, 13:20 ]

am not that much of a 'cat person' but this is a great shot of a feline, has a playful quality about it

anne [ 14/10/2011, 14:48 ]

a-a-awwwww :))) she is beautiful!

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