October 18, 2011


head full of sky

I haven't had time lately to go out with a camera, so I don't have any new photos to post. Instead, here's something from the archives, that I didn't post at the time. This is the shallowest depth of field my kit lens is able to produce, and the sharpness is not the greatest, but all things considered, a kit lens is not all that bad. Of course, it's not terribly good either, but it has served me well. Still, I do hope I'll be able to buy a new lens soon... We shall see.


Journey Photographic [ 19/10/2011, 14:03 ]

Kit lenses do a good job for what they are, but once you upgrade you'll never look back. I like the colours in this, the lavender punctuating the warm brown.

katieleigh [ 19/10/2011, 21:10 ]

What kit lens do you use? You should buy the 50mm f1.8 because it's really cheap and you'll get amazing results from it. You won't need anything else until you can afford one of those super expensive lenses (photography is such a costly hobby).

Regardless, this photo is beautiful.

Milena [ 19/10/2011, 21:43 ]

Thanks, guys :)

Katie, I'm using EF-S 18-55mm. I was actually planning to buy 50mm f1.4 because I kinda like its bokeh more... Or Tamron 17-50mm because I like its sharpness and the fact it opens to f2.8... Or Tamron 28-75mm because I would like to be able to zoom out to 75mm... Although what I would really really like to have is EF 24-105mm f4 L, but there is no way I will be able to afford that :D

So, maybe I'll buy the EF 50mm f1.8 because it's cheap, and try to save up for the L lens over the next few (or 8 or 12 :D) months.

Ian [ 23/10/2011, 12:06 ]

Great capture, really nice detail too!

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