October 02, 2011

preparing for winter

head full of sky


Ronnie 2¢ [ 03/10/2011, 10:23 ]

I was about to type what you made your Title - it is what the image says so well !

bluechameleon [ 03/10/2011, 22:42 ]

I like the detail in the shot, the textures and earthy colours. The close up makes it a perfect pair.

katieleigh [ 07/10/2011, 06:27 ]

do you have an open fireplace? i am incredibly jealous!!

Milena [ 07/10/2011, 10:37 ]

Hah, no, unfortunately (that would've been awesome though). The pile of wood was in front of one of our neighbour's house – but I doubt they have an open fireplace, more likely it's a wood stove, those are not uncommon around here.

Remus [ 09/10/2011, 12:42 ]

Two photos that complement each other.
Well done.

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