November 03, 2011

another macro

head full of sky

This is the same plant as in yesterday's photo, also shot with the aid of the Kenko extension tube. Like I wrote yesterday, the tube is a rather limiting tool so it's not really a replacement for a proper macro lens. But it can still produce quite nice results in some settings.


anne [ 03/11/2011, 12:29 ]

The thing is, with the full set of extension tubes (there are 3 all together which can be stacked up) you can get to 2:1 (twice the lifesize) but the tubes decrease the amount of light so exposure must be longer, and also, as you said, the closer you get the more shallow dof will be. Personally, I shoot my droplets almost exclusively with ext. tubes + 50mm 1.8 because I love the dof and the crispness, but I always have a chair and a tripod when I'm doing it. Here and there I use it outside, but it really takes practice.
It is easier to shoot outdoor macros with a macro lens, the cheapest (still at least 4 times more expensive than 50mm 1.8) and the best one I use is Tamron 90mm 2.8 but for insects, probably 105mm VR is what you want (although it is 3 times more expensive than Tamron, so yeah, unfortunately )

Overall, my fave setup is full set of tubes, the 50mm and 90mm macro, apart from that, you won't need anything else :)

Milena [ 03/11/2011, 13:44 ]

Yeah, outdoor with the extension tube attached, it can be a bit challenging to take a good, sharp shot. Next time, I'm taking my tripod :D

But I'm quite happy with how this one, and yesterday's shot, turned out. And I have a burning desire to go out and find more tiny things to photograph :)))

anne [ 03/11/2011, 18:14 ]

Tripod is pretty much a must for a lot of macro shooting, I use mine almost all the time (but I don't shoot outdoors much, and with that, a lot of people say it is a real struggle to not get the blur, because at such great magnification, even just pressing the shutter will blur the picture).

But apart from that, macro is so much fun :))

sázky [ 03/11/2011, 21:39 ]

great shot with fantastic details.

Anonymous [ 04/11/2011, 05:06 ]

I love the little feather-y bits, gives a real lightness to the shot.

Anonymous [ 07/11/2011, 13:53 ]

Great Work! excellent photos!
you have my CPB vote :)

Anonymous [ 07/11/2011, 13:55 ]

Great Work! excellent photos!
you have my CPB vote :)

all the best


[sorry for the last comment- not concluded)

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