November 07, 2011

spelt flour muffins with sour cherries

head full of sky

This is one of my attempts at food photography. It's not particularly impressive, but then again, I didn't invest much effort in it either, so it wouldn't be. The thing is, I really don't have an inclination towards indoors photography that requires particular lighting set-ups (although, I actually went to the trouble of placing a white carboard to the side here as an improvised reflector, not that it did that much good...), well thought out background and composition, and stuff like that. And specifically for food photography, you need stuff like nice plates, and props: like, a jug of milk and a couple of glasses might have gone well with these muffins, just slightly visible in the background but enough to be seen that they're there. And some cherries in a bowl, and stuff like that. But I don't have the patience for it. I bought this pink kitchen towel to serves as a much nicer background than the boring white or brown that I might have used, and that's the most effort I'm willing to invest. I just find it infinitely more fun to be outside and take photos, than do this, so I don't bother too much with it. Although, as winter and bad weather approaches, I might end up doing more stuff like this as I'll probably be spending much more time at home, keeping warm...

Anyway, this was a snapshot taken to go with my recipe for spelt flour muffins with sour cherries, it's not going to feature in a cookbook, but for an amateur food blog I suppose it's good enough. :)


Anonymous [ 07/11/2011, 13:57 ]

hum... seems to be good... :)

great shot

nice colors and appealing


Paralia [ 08/11/2011, 09:03 ]

Nice color composition with lavender texture of the fabric and cherries from the cake.

Remus [ 12/11/2011, 20:03 ]

It seems to be delicious.
Perfect colors and light.

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