November 09, 2011

the stitch

head full of sky

This is my first attempt at stitching photos in Photoshop. I went out last night with my camera, but forgot to take the kit lens. So when I came to this spot I realized there is no way I can use the 50mm lens to capture a whole scene like this, as this lens is, of course, not nearly wide enough. So instead I took several shots, and decided I will try to find out how to stitch them together in Photoshop. When I came home, it turned out this would actually be no big deal, as you only have to select an option from the menu, and Photoshop in fact does all the work for you! Awesome. I might do more of these. :D


faisal [ 09/11/2011, 20:00 ]

lovely view!

katieleigh [ 14/11/2011, 07:24 ]

where is this stitch option in photoshop? i've only ever done it manually a couple of times. i soon grew tired of the tediousness of doing it that i haven't taken a panoramic shot in forever! such a beautiful shot, what a nice view.

Milena [ 14/11/2011, 07:59 ]

In Photoshop go to File -> Automate -> Photomerge and then choose the option you want and add the files you want to stitch together. I chose "Reposition", added the files and Photoshop did the rest of the work :D

Anonymous [ 16/11/2011, 14:17 ]

Love the line of starbursts on the shore - a great touch.

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