November 04, 2011


head full of sky

This is a 25 seconds exposure taken just after sunset, two days ago. I don't have an ND filter or anything of the sort so I waited until it got sufficiently dark to do a long exposure shot. This is the first time I've done this, I quite like how it turned out. I darkened the sky just a little bit in Photoshop to make the clouds a bit more dramatic and to increase the contrast between the sky and the sea.


Anonymous [ 04/11/2011, 18:56 ]

I like how the rocks are silhouetted against the water. Nicely framed.

anne [ 04/11/2011, 19:41 ]

it looks really quite lovely :))

Anonymous [ 05/11/2011, 21:26 ]

Very effective.

faisal [ 06/11/2011, 03:40 ]


Andrey Samolinov [ 06/11/2011, 16:34 ]

The amazing beauty!
Beautiful soft colors and the milk of water in combination with black rocks create a sense of balance and beauty

katieleigh [ 07/11/2011, 04:48 ]

amazing. this is where you live? how lucky you are!

Milena [ 07/11/2011, 07:51 ]

Yes, it's quite a picturesque little place :)

omar [ 23/12/2011, 15:14 ]

chilling place, wonderful calmnes, great shot

Crash Ryan [ 01/01/2012, 23:33 ]

wonderful purple tones! reminds me of Ugljan!

Russ [ 04/01/2012, 21:06 ]

Very serene and majestic. A fantastic shot.

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