March 22, 2009


head full of sky


Anonymous [ 22/03/2009, 21:16 ]

Lovely soft tones and simplicity...moody shot :)

Anonymous [ 22/03/2009, 21:50 ]

Beautiful capture of the clouds and tones in this sky. A warm feeling, like the beginning of creation.

Mario [ 23/03/2009, 03:44 ]

I first of all want to thank you very much for your elaborate and thoughtful comment on my blog:-)

This photo is like a painting. Abstract and simple, yet suggestive and gorgeous. I love the subtle color variations and the dynamic created by the vapor trails. Superb.

katieleigh [ 23/03/2009, 04:28 ]

stuh stuh stunning :)
what do you use to process your photos like this? do you use anything other than just photoshiop. I like using Niki colour effects? Or something like that

Anonymous [ 23/03/2009, 10:27 ]

Simply Stunning Capture! Thanks for sharing it !

Jesse Warren [ 23/03/2009, 17:36 ]

beautiful website for a blogspot account. how did you do it?

Benjamin Gustafsson [ 23/03/2009, 21:23 ]

Great use of color with a minimal forms. Was this shot with film?

M [ 24/03/2009, 08:23 ]

Thank you all for your comments :)
@katieleigh: So far, I've used only Photoshop to process my images.
@Benjamin: No, it was shot with a Canon 350D.

katieleigh [ 24/03/2009, 09:12 ]

350d, just shows that you don't need the best and most expensive camera to take beautiful pictures

Autumn L. Azure [ 27/03/2009, 19:17 ]

I love the simplistic beauty of this shot. Goes to show that less is more.

Natalie [ 29/03/2009, 19:19 ]

such beautiful tones ...
well seen.. :)

Aura [ 25/04/2009, 17:25 ]

Superb! Bravo!

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