April 10, 2009

palm tree leaf

head full of sky


krims@nline.be [ 10/04/2009, 21:08 ]

Wonderfull and detailed image ... well done!

katieleigh [ 11/04/2009, 03:04 ]

love how the leaves are a little bit fury

Thanks for your comment on my layout, I used a template but I changed a lot about it. It's a classic template so It's really hard to add the widgets but after seeing your layout I knew blogger was capable of supporting a photoblog looking layout. I still want to change a few things about it, wish I knew more about HTLM...

katieleigh [ 12/04/2009, 14:46 ]

i know how you feel, i spent three nights working on personalising a crappy template. sometimes it can take hours to fix one thing. are you very good at html? i'm only self taught, which means i know a very very miminal amount of code. did you make your photoblog layout yourself?

so, where abouts do you live? i don't know anything about you :)

i'm patiently waiting for a new photo

Asgardr [ 15/04/2009, 10:13 ]

Lovely details on the leafs

cat [ 16/04/2009, 17:32 ]

It's a really nice minimalist image. I like the little curls on the end of the leaves.

Mike Richardson [ 18/04/2009, 16:29 ]

Nice composition, I like it.

floatfish [ 09/05/2009, 07:19 ]


flo g [ 05/09/2009, 19:48 ]

beautiful choice of frame, and details

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