November 06, 2011

a couple

head full of sky

Today is the only day of this week that I am free for the whole day (I was working yesterday, too), so I got up before dawn because I wanted to try to take some photos of the sunrise, and generaly catch the morning sun, and what did I find? Cloudy sky. Completely miserable light. And the scent of rain in the air. Yup, on the one day of the week when I'm free and I can spend the whole day outside, it decides to rain. Just my luck.


London Caller [ 06/11/2011, 15:09 ]

Autumn is gorgeous!

Milena [ 06/11/2011, 16:05 ]

Hello, London Caller, thank you for stopping by. :)
I agree, as much as I sometimes dislike the autumn weather, the colours are pretty kick ass.

katieleigh [ 07/11/2011, 04:46 ]

that's dedication, i always /want/ to get up for sunrise but hardly ever do. such nice light in this one :)

Milena [ 07/11/2011, 07:35 ]

I'm only dedicated now because I recently got the new lens, so it's much more exciting to go out and photograph, and I'm willing to go at all hours just to try to get some nice shots. I think after my initial excitement over the new lens fades a bit, I will probably be much less "dedicated" :D

Laurens Kuipers [ 23/01/2012, 15:49 ]

Nice close-up!

Arnab Guha [ 28/01/2012, 03:39 ]

excellent work

Tate Mcgee [ 03/07/2012, 17:41 ]

Regardless of the conditions, you caught a winner.

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